General Information

SERP is a licensed special education school. Students are referred from local school districts. SERP School incorporates a variety of learning experiences designed to meet IEP goals. The primary focus of SERP School is to assist each individual in reaching a life of independence. Classes in money management, life skills, and employment are offered. Students often travel outside the classroom to gain knowledge and skills in the community. Staff members assist students to get employment.

You can see a longer explanation of SERP's transition services by downloading this PDF (240K download): SERP Transition Services

Students having difficulties in public school may find SERP School better able to meet their needs.

Each student is assigned to a staff member, who becomes a mentor for this student. This staff mentor may serve the individual student on a one-to-one basis for several months or longer if needed.

Students are referred to SERP School through their home school district (generally by the Special Education Department).

Enrollment Process

  1. The student must be 14-21 years old, eligible for Special Education services, and enrolled in his/her local school district.
  2. The parent/provider must arrange a placement meeting with the school district representative.
  3. At the placement meeting a placement determination is made. The parent/provider may request that SERP School be investigated as an option.
  4. If the placement team determines that SERP School is the best match for the student's needs, then the district representative will contact the SERP administrator(s).
  5. The SERP administrator(s) will, provided that there is available staff, arrange an intake meeting with the district representative, the parent/provider, and the student.
  6. The student will be placed at SERP School when the team convenes to review the IEP and placement determination, and agrees on the placement.

The student and parent/provider can call the SERP administrator(s) before the intake meeting to arrange for an informal tour, at which questions can be asked and the school can be observed.